3 Free Powerful Tools to Pick Fonts and Colors for Your Brand

Written by Justin on August 11, 2019 , ,

Unless your name is Harvey Dent and you have a fancy coin to flip, it can be difficult to pick fonts and colors for your brand. Whether the dilemma occurs in the brainstorming stage or when you upgrade brand imagery, picking out fonts and colors to represent your business can eat up a lot of time—if you let it. On the other hand, spending a reasonable amount of time choosing the right color palette and font types is healthy.

Despite the above, if you still struggle to pick fonts and colors for your brand without obstacles, you wouldn't be alone. Veteran entrepreneurs and business owners know choosing the best font pairs and colors can still be just as challenging (and exhilarating) as it is the first time. Cyberia Technologies provides branding and logo design for small business, allowing you to consult experts and make sure you get the perfect font pairs and color palette to augment your branding. If you prefer to do it yourself, here are 3 free, powerful tools to pick fonts and colors for your brand:

1. Fontjoy.com - Font Pair Generator Powered by Deep Learning

Fontjoy is powered by deep learning to analyze the different properties of fonts and what constitutes a "good match". Since discovering Fontjoy, we've found it useful ourselves on more than one occasion. See for yourself and take it for a spin: if you like one font but not the others, you can 'lock' it in place while generating a new set.

2. Colormind.io - Color Scheme Generator Taught By Photographs, Movies, & Art

Colormind is roughly the same concept of Fontjoy, but applied to color palettes. Built by the same developer as Fontjoy, Colormind uses deep learning to analyze color combinations in pop culture and recommend surprisingly beautiful color palettes. Similarly, if you like some colors but not all of them, you can 'lock' them in place to keep them in the next color set.

3. Paletton.com - Color Palette Chooser for Advanced Users and Professionals

Though Paletton is just fine for pros and non-pros alike, its strengths really shine for people who know what they're looking for. Paletton offers much more control over your color selections, such as hue, saturation, brightness, and even degrees of separation on the color wheel. This helps you to fine-tune your brand's perfect color palette.

Though the 3 tools above will help narrow down your choices significantly, you might still find yourself on the fence. When that happens, a great way to move past it is to look at successful competitors. Are there any brands that have a voice similar to what you want? Note down your findings and what you like and dislike about each. Make your decision and move onto the next big thing!

Remember, having the perfect colors and fonts for your brand may feel important, but (unless you're already an established brand) it will make less of an impact than you think. If this decision hangs over your head and prevents you from launching your business, you won't have a bottom line.

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